Steven Harris Presents...
Before The Storm Hits:
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Keeping your Cell Phone Running in the Disaster
[1 min 2 seconds ]

Little known and simple methods to have all of the cell phone power you need. 


D-Cell Alkaline Batteries
[ 1 min 20 secs]

This is what you NEVER hear about a flashlight and batteries on the TV, the Radio nor anywhere else.  If you don't want to be in the dark and you are going to trust your life to a battery, then you better listen to this. 


Refrigerators and Freezers
[ 1min 58 seconds ]

The stupid things people do that they did not need to do over the hysteria for their refrigerator and freezer.  This 2 minutes of audio will educate you and take a big burden off you of stuff you thought you had to do, and prevent a MAJOR problem as well.


Water for Everyone - In Trash Bags
[ 1 min 34 seconds ]

Well.. you're stuck.  You can't get out.  The hurricane is almost there and you need water.  A lot of water stored fast.   This is how to get 50 gallons of clean safe drinking water in 10 minutes, and FORGET your 'bathtub'. 


Storing Water in Soda Bottles
[ 58 Seconds ]

Of the thousands of people who have written me about my long .mp3 family prep class (below) this is the one that I get the most comments on.  I have had people LAUGH at their neighbors for paying $20 a gallon for water and they had PLENTY in soda bottles... get the details, the truths, and myths here.


Floatation - Keep from Drowning - Easier than you Think !
[ 1 min 13sec ]

Know what killed the majority of those people who died in Katrina ?? Drowning.   There is no reason for it, floatation is all around you.


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